Analysis paralysis 

I often end up wasting time automating things in my code that would be much easier, faster and maintainability-wise better to just copy-paste. Yeah, macros are great, but they are not to be abused. I should always start by copy-pasting (even if that means copy-pasting in multiple places) until I start feeling pain in the ass. After that, sure, go ahead and write a macro or whatever. And it would probably make sense because it would have a purpose. That means I won’t rewrite and remove it next day.

So, whenever you have an urge to write a macro or automate something, consider how much time would it cost to do it compared to copy-pasting.

Another thing is open-source. I don’t want to be embarrassed by not so clever code in my projects, but automating something just for sake of it is even less clever. It will only make it more difficult to contribute to the project.

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