Fear Of Missing Out is a bitch. It’s one of the main causes of depression, although it’s not surprising (can you imagine being happy and afraid at the same time?). So, what people usually do when they are afraid? They hide. And that is exactly what the majority of articles out there suggest — to abstain from social networks! Despite the fact that FOMO is present IRL as well, it’s like treating a sore throat with anesthetics — it only treats symptoms. To get rid of an issue for good, you need to address the root cause. The root cause of FOMO is a lack of understanding what makes you happy.

When you don’t know what makes you happy, you start seeking it in other people lives. “Will more money make me happy? Will a relationship make me happy? Will X make me happy?” you ask. It’s easy to answer “Yes” when you don’t have these things. But imagine the disappointment when you waste spend some time getting something only to realize that you’re still depressed. The thing is, getting something doesn’t make you happy. Happiness is a process, not an event. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle of doing the things you like. Once you like what you do, you begin to love yourself (how can you not love someone who makes your life better?). And once you love yourself it’s not a problem being yourself anymore. Once you like what you do the FOMO is gone.

I’m not saying you should bet everything on your passion and rush to make it your main source of income (rushing out of fear is against happiness). All I’m saying is you have to listen to yourself (very carefully) and find out what makes you happy. If you already know that, then stop denying/postponing it. You have only one life and it’d be incredibly stupid and inefficient to waste it on things that you don’t give a shit about. I’ve lost many years of my life feeling miserable because I was afraid of asking myself this very simple question. I knew the answer, but it was too painful to admit that all this time I was going in the wrong direction. Better late than never, huh?

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