Habits vs Recurring tasks 

There’s not much of a difference between them tbh. Both have routines that are meant to be repeated. The difference is subjective.

To me, recurring tasks are an obligation (e.g. cleaning, paying rent and even weekly reviews). I can’t afford to miss them even once, because if I do I’ll end up in a mess unless I compensate for it quickly. Also, there’s not much joy in doing such tasks. I just know that I have to.

Habits, however, is something that I choose to do (usually because I want to become a better person). It’s not okay to miss them, but it’s not crucial. I just need to make sure that I miss them because I don’t have enough time, not because I was lazy. Due to this habits need more than just a routine to maintain them: a cue, a reward, a proper environment and a plan for failure (shout-out to James Clear!).

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