Memes as self-defense 

I love memes, black humor, mean jokes and generally any kind of humor that you almost feel bad laughing at. But at the same time I can’t help, but feel that such gems can only be created by a certain type of people that I genuinely feel sorry for (because I can relate). A type of people who when confronted with a situation when they have two options, either start opening up embracing the awkwardness of it or keep building a wall of cynicism and nihilism to protect a very sensitive creature inside, always choose the latter. And the longer they build the wall the harder it to take down. Such isolation can easily lead to depression if a person is not capable of realizing this on his own. Fortunately, taking something down is still easier than building it up. We just need to start being honest with our feelings. Lightly, step by step.

Here are my personal notes that hold no value to anyone except me.
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