Opening up! 🎉 

That’s it! I’m tired of building the wall. Over the years I put up a wall so thick it can make China die of envy. However, while China has more than a billion people behind their wall, I found myself all alone locked up behind the bars made of my own insecurity in a prison I’ve built with my own hands. Hell, if I was pushing cocaine I’d be the Pablo Escobar of 21 century! But that’s enough. If I had to choose a guy who spent some time in prison as an analogy, I’d rather choose Nelson Mandela. I don’t want to perish running away from my own mistakes. Constant introspection seasoned me. It’s time to take action.

This is my first step. I’ve always liked making notes and kept a diary where I (infrequently) offloaded thoughts that seemed deep to me. Recently I’ve started writing down everything that comes to mind and found out that I like it even more this way. It helps me to deal with stress and just makes me happier. Also, I’ve changed the language to English and employed Org-mode to make it even more fun. Today I’m open sourcing these notes. I don’t expect even a single person to be interested in them. I just can’t stand keeping them to myself anymore. Because I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid of showing who I really am. I’m not afraid of saying what I really want. Today I’m open sourcing my notes which means that today I’m opening up.

P.S.: If someone is interested in the tools I’ve used to create this blog (apart from Org-mode) here they are: Hugo (a static site generator), ox-hugo (an Org exporter back-end for Hugo) and GitHub pages.

Here are my personal notes that hold no value to anyone except me.
Are they somehow offending you? Did I say something wrong or miss something?
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