Revisiting my weed strategy 

Today I woke up at 11:30 AM feeling lethargic. I decided to skip the workout and so I quit the apartment without a duffle bag. I dragged my ass to work thinking to myself “This has to stop, man…”. Why do I keep doing this? I keep fucking up my sleeping hours on weekends and painfully trying to fix them during the week. I have a problem. I really do. Sure, it’s nice to have a job where no one pays attention to when you get to work, but it may actually be a bad thing. You quickly get used to it and I’m a living example.

I’ve been defending weed this whole time, but I have to say it: when you’re not doing it right, it takes a toll on you. Stereotypes about lazy stoners are real. I was kind of in denial about this, but I do have a bad habit. That is, I keep binging on movies and TV series while smoking trees on Friday, Saturday and (sometimes even) Sunday nights. The result? I waste my precious time and sleep ‘till noon in a self-defeating attempt to escape the reality only to get it thrown in my face the next morning.

However, weed itself is not evil. The problem is how I use it. The thing is its habit forming. When you get high you are likely to do the same activities you often do when you were high. In my case, it’s binge eating and watching series. I have no problem with eating (it’s actually beneficial), but watching series while being high makes me stay up late and prevents me from doing important stuff. This I have to let go.

So, here’s the dealio. I’m going to set limits:

  1. Never watch series and movies while high.
  2. Never bake before 21:00.
  3. Never make a new load after 00:00.

Even better, I’ll take advantage of weed’s habit-forming ability and start reading books while high. With time I’ll associate smoking with reading books.

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