Screw 'em best practices 

I’ve discovered many interesting things since I’ve started questioning my beliefs and subconscious decisions. One of them was how, in fact, I was dependent on best practices to guide my development process even though I tried my best not to fall into that trap. I often rejected solutions that weren’t following best practices without rightfully considering the pros and cons and ended up with a piece of overcomplicated crap that is not only hard to understand, but to maintain as well. The funny thing is, I was never conscious of these decisions because these community-driven heuristics of how to produce high-quality code were so deeprooted in my brain that the question whether I’m doing something wrong hadn’t even popped into my head. The solution to this, I think, is to develop a habit of asking yourself once in a while “Why am I implementing it exactly this way? Can I simplify it without compromising the task?”.

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