Why I love music 

Well, obviously because my brain thinks that it sounds good (you know, all these harmonic series and shit), but it’s rather on the surface. And there are lots of artists that produce music that is also on the surface meaning that they aim for a wider audience by adhering to patterns that are known to hook listeners. There’s nothing wrong with that. I listen to a great deal of such music regularly, because it’s entertaining. But this is not enough to love something, right? The real reason why I love music is that it’s a better representation of the world than the world itself. It’s a manifestation of everything that is usually hidden for our eyes because we are not yet ready to speak out loud of it: the feelings that torment us, the emotions that elevate us, the truth within us. It makes you feel less alienated. And when it comes to such music it’s rarely popular, probably because not everything within us is pleasant. Yet, I find it quite soothing to sometimes connect with this raw human nature instead of listening to the sugar-coated version of it. Anyone has their own personality and thus has their own sound and we should appreciate and celebrate it (especially those who can do it justice and express their inner world properly). Daughters, James Blake, and Anderson Paak are great examples of that. The moment I think to myself “yo, I’m buying into his world!” I know it’s a great artist.

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