(Why) I love SE & CS 

No pun intended. I love developing software. For a long time, I thought that I do it just because it was my way of escaping reality where I don’t succeed in chasing my dream of making music. I thought that developing shitty products by writing useless code that will be forgotten and lost in a couple years is a complete waste of my time. I wanted to set myself in stone, make a history. But turns out what I really want is to be happy. Like kids are happy when they play Lego. They don’t care that by the end of the day they will demolish what they’ve built just to build it again the next day. History is not their concern. Happiness is.

Because of my selfishness and conceit, I forgot this essential thing when I grew up. Building software is fun, it’s a grown-up Lego. Even better, you always get to play it together with your friends. The products we do together are not shitty, they are dope. My code isn’t useless, it’s fun. I’m so happy that it’s my job. I get to solve interesting problems and learn new things every day. And it doesn’t even matter that much what I get for it. Sure, a good wage is great, but being upset about its size spoils all the fun. I love constraints, I love hard problems and I love working together with my colleagues because they are my friends. And in the meantime, I can make my own history.

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