Why is happyology not a thing? 

Let’s face it: we’re are not equal from the very day we’re born. It just doesn’t work this way. And honestly, it shouldn’t. Indiscriminately enforcing equality in all areas of our lives would be incredibly boring, because we’re different (and that’s our strength!). Yet we strive for equality. We strive for it because we believe it can bring us happiness (and we all deserve to be happy!).

Literally, that’s it. All of these movements directed against social injustice that defend rights of specific groups of people have only one ultimate goal: to make different people equally happy. However, while equality in rights does contribute to our happiness, it’s neither enough nor it is essential despite what everyone thinks. There are a lot (a lot!) of other parts of the equation called happiness. But we’re so focused on optimizing specific parts of it (which may not even be achievable!) that we completely ignore the main goal.

There’s not even a single science discipline that exclusively studies happiness and ways to increase it. It seems that we don’t treat it as something we could control. But we can! Our brain, howsoever complex it is, is not a black box to us anymore. The more we research it the more matter-of-fact it becomes and the more we view ourselves as machines that we can re-program with our own hands. That’s the right mindset. We should view ourselves as simple feedback mechanisms whose actions are driven by their mental state which is defined by neurotransmitters content between our synapses which itself depends on the results of our actions.

This view opens up endless possibilities to control the level of satisfaction with our lives. For example, why don’t we invest in creating drugs that would be harmless for health and wouldn’t suffer from tolerance issue? Why do we ban all drugs with high addiction potential instead of thinking about how to manually upregulate related neurotransmitter receptors in the brain? Why do we have the Food and Drug Administration agency and not the Well-being and Happiness Administration agency? I’m deeply puzzled by all of this.

Do we want to be equal or do we want to be happy?

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