Work-life balance is a wrong term 

When people speak about work-life balance they mean the balance between the time one spends on their job and on everything else. Usually, this implies that the former should be brought down to a minimum. However, such thinking has at the core of it a false assumption that our work is somehow different from life. The thing is, work is life. If you count carefully, you’ll find out that in modern life the spare time is a luxury and almost none of us have it. Take 24 hours and subtract the time you spend on routine activities (e.g. sleeping, a morning routine, a commute, buying groceries, cleaning the house, paying bills, visiting a doctor, going to the gym, etc), then subtract the 8 hours you spend on your job and in best case you are left with a meager couple of hours that are only enough to spend them with your friends (as Epicurus said that meaningful friendship is essential for happiness). So, the bulk of our time we actually spend at work (i.e. more than one-third of our life if you count studying as work as well). What conclusion to draw from it? Well, only one comes to my mind: we should seek a job that fills our life with meaning, a job that we naturally like doing and never settle for anything that wastes our precious life. To me, it seems that work-life balance is just the wrong term and we should speak about something like work-life alignment instead. Here’s a nice article on the subject (yesh, it’s about millennials).

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